Physician Job Opportunities in The Public Sector

Female physician listening to her patient during consultation while sitting down in the office of a modern medical center

Exploring Public-Service Physician Practice Opportunities

Wherever your healthcare job search takes you, whether in the private sector or a public institution, there are many opportunities to choose from when getting a job as a physician. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 2.4 million new jobs will be available by the year 2026. So what industries are expected to see the most growth? Employment in healthcare is projected to increase by 16%, making it one of the fastest-growing industries in our economy. 

This is due in part to the aging Baby Boomer population and the increased demand for health services. If you are a resident or a physician looking for a new career, we welcome you to browse the opportunities on our website to find some of the best healthcare jobs in Los Angeles’s busiest health centers, such as Harbor-UCLA and LAC + USC. 

Understanding the industry will help you choose the best career path, so we encourage everyone to examine all the aspects of the job and its benefits before applying. For example, many healthcare occupations pay well and offer excellent career advancement opportunities in the public sector in the form of incentives and benefits. These careers include medical systems professionals such as adult primary care physicians, OB/GYNs, hospitalists, and urgent care physicians to name a few. Other opportunities within the system might be of interest, such as correctional health, housing for health, and medical fellowship. 

Physicians Role in Public Entities

These numerous government healthcare opportunities typically involve additional training and can lead to well-paid, stable careers. Health professionals are often asked to lead initiatives for health promotion strategies in schools, community centers, and other institutions. In some instances, these professionals are tasked with managing the healthcare delivery system. They also work to improve the lives of people by providing preventative screening exams, health education, and medical services to those who may not have access to them.

Choosing a career that fits you and your lifestyle is the key to a long and prosperous career and avoiding physician burnout. Consider a career that allows you the flexibility to further your career and be happy in a location that meets your needs both at work and after. The best way to find the right doctor job is to start your search on our job board, which offers free job searches and assistance. Our website allows you to upload your resume and search for some of the best healthcare jobs available in LA county.

Physicians Jobs in Public Entities

If you want a specialized career in the healthcare industry, several jobs that may be of interest, such as dermatologists, gastroenterologists, and allergists specialist, are available for immediate consideration. Choosing the right career may be daunting, but the proper education and training will get you on your way to success.

The healthcare industry is expanding, and numerous job opportunities exist in the economy’s fastest-growing sector. Many healthcare occupations involve leadership skills, including physician and practice management, marketing, budgeting, and scheduling. In some cases, healthcare workers can even become self-employed, but remember, a strong research interest is necessary to have a successful career in the public healthcare system. Click here to see our open job opportunities in Los Angeles County. 

Are You Looking for a Physician Job In Los Angeles?

Of all the various medical careers, becoming a physician in the public system is one of the most fulfilling. There are many reasons why accepting a LADHS physician job in Los Angeles is an excellent choice for you. However, before making any final decisions, you should carefully research and weigh your options.

Visit our job board to learn more about current openings and see which one is the perfect fit for you.