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How to Avoid Physician Burnout

As a professional, chances are you will experience fatigue at some point in your career, and physicians are no different. As a doctor, you have work responsibilities, caring for patients, and even when you are not working, chances are you are still thinking about some of your patients’ well-being. Working in this capacity can cause you to push your personal life issues to the side. This mindset is not sustainable for physicians long-term and can lead to burnout. In fact, studies show this is a reality, as 41% of physicians state they have at least one symptom of burning out. 

Not to worry! We have outlined things physicians can do that will help you avoid burnout. But first, let’s look at what Medical burnout is and how it relates to you.

What is Burnout

Burning out is noted as being in a state of mental, physical, and/or emotional exhaustion due to a sustained source of stress in a person’s life. It happens in a variety of situations, and it is not just associated with the medical industry. It can be experienced in any setting, but it often happens in caring professions such as counseling, social work, nursing, teaching, and any form of medicine. Burnout can lead to alcoholism, depression, and suicide if not treated. 


Burnout tends to happen over time and worsens if left untreated. This creates a long list of symptoms that are not easy to manage, and it is important to pay attention to these warning signs.


There are many signs of burnout, and many of them can be hard to identify, but some of the more obvious signs to look for include the following: 

  • Loss of Appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Constant Fatigue
  • Isolation
  • Detachment
  • Sense of Failure
  • Skipping Work


When it comes time to understand the issues of burnout, it’s crucial to think about mounting pressure, constant government interference, and other duties that tend to weigh on a physician. 

Find ways to reduce this type of work by having a management system to help with regular office duties. This helps take the load off a physician already dealing with many work-related responsibilities. 

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How to Avoid Medical Burnout

Treating or avoiding burnout is time management and establishing a healthy work-life balance. 

Relaxation Is Important

Many people want to get started with their daily activities as soon as possible. This creates a situation where everything is hectic, and there is no time for the brain or body to ease into the day’s proceedings. Doing too much early in the morning is one way to get burned out, which is why successful people advocate spending a few minutes each day meditating. Relaxation techniques can include other things, such as breathing techniques like box breathing or reading inspirational quotes/passages, notes, and pictures from your family. 

Consider Healthy Eating, Sleeping, And Exercising

Living a healthy lifestyle makes it easier for a person to get through a tough day without feeling overwhelmed. You will want to do the things you would recommend to your own patients: think about eating the right way, getting enough rest, and making sure you exercise as much as you need to. If you feel physical discomfort from life choices such as eating greasy food or a nicotine addiction, your chances for burnout increase.

Have Personal Boundaries

It is important to learn to say no to things. If you want to spend time with your family, you will have to prioritize it. This is why making sure you create time for yourself and your family is a must, even if it means leaving work at a specific time and sticking to it. 

Put Away The Tech

You shouldn’t be on a laptop or cell phone 24/7. This is not good for the mind. You will want to learn to step away from this type of tech from time to time to give your mind a break. Working in a medical center comes with having to use tech daily. When at home or on a break, read a book or talk to a friend. 

Be Creative

There is nothing better than starting a hobby as a way to avoid burning out. Having an outlet, whether creative, physical, or emotional, makes it easier for you to explore and appreciate the world around you. 

Reassess How You Practice Medicine

It is important to remember the reason you got into practicing medicine in the first place. Finding happiness in your work through healing people is the ultimate goal. This mindset will allow you to stay focused and push yourself on those tougher days without feeling totally burned out. If you are a physician looking for employment where your health is valued, we encourage you to check our job board for immediate open positions in the Los Angeles area. 

Feel Free To Take Time Off

If you have paid time off available, use it. Don’t try to save all your vacation time and take it all at once, but instead take more frequent smaller vacations to get you through the year. Even taking a day off to go to a park or museum is a great way to relax and ensure you are getting the time to recharge a little bit. You will not always want to keep working long hours, as that will eventually catch up to you. Take a step back and ensure you allow yourself a chance to rest. It will help make sure your career continues to grow and develop as time goes on.

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