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Physician Jobs Outlook 2023 and Beyond

You might be in luck if you’re a physician looking for a new employment opportunity in 2023 and beyond. According to a physician jobs outlook study, 91,400 physician jobs will be needed nationally by 2026, a 13% increase from 2016 forecasting. The report notes that this shortage is due to an aging and growing insured population. The shortage is expected to affect many Western and Northeast states.

This forecast means that the demand for physicians is expected to rise faster than the supply of available doctors, which could result in a health crisis in certain regions. The number of primary care providers from the study was determined by analyzing May 2021 data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to determine the number of employed physicians in primary care specialties. So if the demand for physicians grows, this shortage could lead to more even physician positions that must be filled in 2023 to meet demand.

Hospitals in Demand

Doctors working in hospitals will be more in demand as emergencies increase and private practice becomes less appealing to younger providers. There is also an accelerated need for radiologists, often considered frontline physicians, because of the rising number of patients requiring diagnostic imaging. Additionally, the demand for radiologists is increasing due to retirements and COVID-19, which has caused a shortage of radiologists in the field.

Other physician jobs forecasting for 2023 reveal a similar pattern: some provider positions are becoming scarce, while others remain relatively open. Urgent care and emergency physicians, for example, will be in high demand in larger cities because rural areas may resist an influx of emergency patients due to a lack of resources and trauma-informed care providers.

Technology Not The Solution

As the population ages, the need for skilled healthcare professionals will increase. Since the healthcare business is not a system that can be automated or outsourced like most modern businesses, we can’t look to robot technology or AI to fill the voids. 

Additionally, more people are retiring from their jobs, creating a need for private and public sector providers. The short-term solution plans will most likely lead to changes in medical education and regulations that will likely mitigate this shortage but could hurt the level of care received. 

If you choose to work in the public sector here in the County of Los Angeles, you’ll have the opportunity to work in various medical settings. You can work in anything from emergency medicine, OB/GYN, correctional, and everything between. All positions have excellent growth potential. 

As predicted, the number of open positions for health care professionals will remain high and continue to rise in 2023. With the increased demand, salaries and benefits packages are better than ever. However, there are also many candidates, so job searching will remain challenging and may take longer than expected.

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