Adult Primary Care Physician Specialist (HDRHC)

High Desert Regional Health Center (HDRHC) is an outpatient primary care center located in central Lancaster. In addition to outpatient services, it provides urgent and specialty care. HDRHC serves the community of Antelope Valley, including Lancaster and Palmdale.  

Serves are provided to both adult and children using a patient-care model. HDRHC also include specialty services, surgery and ancillary services. The facility includes a pediatric dental clinic, a pediatric HUB, disease management programs, as well as an HIV/AIDS clinic. 

 Special Salary Information

  • All persons appointed to the permanent position of Physician Specialist, who have been assigned to work at Los Angeles County High Desert Health Systems shall receive 10% of the base salary.
  • Board certified Physician Specialists are also entitled to an additional 5.5% of the base salary.

Clinical Performance

  • Obtains and performs thorough and precise histories and physical examinations on patients at a frequency determined to be appropriate, by service.
  • Performs thorough and precise focused exams, as clinically indicated.
  • Applies current medical knowledge when diagnosing and treating patients.  Follows clinical guidelines where appropriate.
  • Develops a plan of care, where appropriate.  Schedules patients for follow-up care as indicated.
  • Performs approved clinic procedures, for which he/she has current privileges, with skill and expertise.
  • Provides appropriate patient and family education regarding the patient’s diagnosis, treatment, diet, medical equipment and/or additional discharge instructions when indicated.
  • Follows local (e.g., L.A. County DHS Expected Practices) and/or national guidelines in practicing preventive medicine, as appropriate.
  • Provides appropriate patient and family education regarding health maintenance and preventive medicine, as appropriate.
  • Recognizes the importance of psychosocial / behavioral medicine in the care of patients.  Treats such conditions or refers appropriately.

Medical Records / Documentation

  • Keeps well-organized, legible, accurate, comprehensive and timely medical records.
  • Communicates clearly with patients and families regarding the nature of their illness or condition, its prognosis, and proposed treatment, procedures and results.  Documents patient and/or family education and other communication.
  • Adheres to all pertinent Medical Records policies, as they apply.
  • Maintains patient privacy and confidentiality when using the medical record.
  • Is able to access clinical information electronically, when available.
  • Appropriately uses only  medical abbreviations approved by L.A. County DHS or Ambulatory Care Network and avoids the use of prohibited and dangerous abbreviations, particularly when ordering or prescribing medications.

Resource Utilization

  • Orders diagnostic tests judiciously and as clinically indicated. Reviews and signs all test results in a timely manner and takes appropriate action.
  • Appropriately refers patients externally for emergency care or admissions as clinically appropriate.
  • Appropriately refers patients internally for specialty care, social work or other available services.  Follows referral guidelines, where available.
  • Prescribes formulary medications whenever possible.
  • Prescribes more moderately priced medications when available, as clinically indicated.

Professional Attitudes and Behaviors 

  • Works well as a member of the clinical team.  Is reliable.
  • Collaborates with other providers, nursing staff and other clinic staff to ensure a pleasant and productive work environment and a smooth flow of patients through the clinic.
  • Treats staff and patients with respect and dignity.
  • Maintains patient privacy and confidentiality at all times.
  • Always maintains a professional attitude, regardless of the situation.
  • Is aware of, and ensures that, patient rights are respected.
  • Communicates clearly with patients and/or their family members.
  • Provides leadership when asked or when required.
  • Helps other providers with patients when needed.
  • Begins and attempts to end clinic on time.
  • Meets clinic productivity standards.
  • Complies with all applicable Department of Health Services, Ambulatory Care Network, and HDHCG policies and procedures.
  • Understands and adheres to the mission of DHS, ACN, and HDHCG.
  • Understand s the basic tenets of Quality and Performance Improvement in general, and the HDHCG QI/PI Program in particular.  Participates in QI/PI activities.
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement of services / processes.  Assists in making improvements.
  • Functions as the Supervising Physician for up to four Nurse Practitioners, as requested by the Department Director or Medical Director.  Assists Nurse Practitioners or other providers when requested.  Acts as a resource to staff and ancillary support services.
  • Reports to assigned Department Director or delegated supervising physician.
  • Performs duties at usual assigned location and at other locations as directed by the Department Director or Medical Director.
  • Participates in proctoring and assisting new providers, as assigned by the Department Director or Medical Director.
  • Participates in assigned committees.
  • Keeps current through reading, attending lectures / seminars, etc.  Maintains continuing education requirements.

High Desert Regional Health Center (HDRHC) is located in Lancaster, California. It is a new facility that serves the Antelope Valley community, which includes the cities of Palmdale and Lancaster. Antelope Valley is the most populous area of the High Desert region and Lancaster is the largest city in High Desert. Lancaster has over 600 aces of planned parkland, which includes parks, picnic areas, and sports facilities.


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