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9 Tips To Help You Prepare for Your Physician Job Search While in Residency

If you’re in residency and want to know how to prepare yourself for a job as a physician, You’re not alone. In this post, we offer the best advice we have for what to do while finishing your residency so that you can be well prepared for a doctor job opportunities in Los Angeles and beyond.

Identify Where You Would Like to Work

What type of medical care facility do you want to work in? Every medical specialist has a career path and which kind of practice will best suit your goals, but it’s wise to consider where that path might take you. For example, suppose you are an internal medicine resident finishing training or a doctor who just completed a residency in another field; what would the day-to-day look like for that particular facility.

Research the Market in Your Area

Research the physician job market in your area to see what types of specialists are needed; this will give you a better idea of whether there are openings for someone with your skills or if it’s best to look elsewhere. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a good chance that you can find a physician job in your area. For example, if you are looking for an orthopedic specialist position and have appropriate skills or education, this could be perfect; however, more broadly speaking, it’s essential to look at what type of services are needed before deciding where you should work.

Join Organizations and Volunteer

Join a medical outreach organization and volunteer at the American Medical Association. You’ll get to meet many different people with diverse backgrounds, as well as some people you could end up working with!

Attend Conferences

Attend regional and national conferences to meet physicians who have been where you are now. They would be able to provide valuable advice about breaking into your desired area or may know someone else who might help pave your path forward. When traveling out of state, it’s also an opportunity to see other hospitals’ facilities, so consider using these trips not only for networking but to gain more insight from those experienced in the medical world outside of your network.

Add Lab Experience

Get more direct hands-on medical experience on your résumé by working in a lab before completing residency. Medical residents could always benefit from more experience working in a specialty field before moving on to a career practice. In addition, you can get the education and skills required to work in a lab by getting involved with research projects, which will help determine what types of labs might be available for your specific interests when selecting one during residency or private practice.

Volunteer Abroad

Volunteer abroad to gain experience with the medical community overseas after completing residency. This may not count as a job on your résumé per se, but it will provide an idea of what’s happening outside the U.S., which can be a valuable experience and an attractive prospect for potential employers.

Volunteer Locally

Volunteering with local hospitals will help you understand more about the day-to-day life at a particular hospital. It’ll also provide access to physicians who can offer advice on employment opportunities once your residency or fellowship ends!

Write About Medicine

Start a blog about medicine or medical education. It’s never too early to improve your writing experience, and this helps to reinforce what you’ve learned during your residency. Showcasing your writing skills will also make it much easier on the job hunt down the line, as many hospitals desire professionals who can communicate clearly.

Learn A Language

Some say that in 2021 medical professionals should know or are expected to know at least one other language. But, of course, it’s never too late to learn a new language, but if you’re already fluent in Spanish or Mandarin, by all means, include it on your résumé!

It can be challenging to know exactly what you should be doing while still preparing for your career as a physician, but we hope these tips help you get yourself ready for life on the other side of residency.

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