3 Things Every Doctor Should Look for in a Job Interview

We all know the quintessential interview questions. 

They go like something like:

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” 

“What are some of your strengths and weaknesses?”

“If you were to describe yourself in three words, what would they be and why?” 

These questions are just a few of a list of generic questions you should have ready before entering a job interview. But what about the more important characteristics you should look for in an employer?

Many individuals assume that job interviews are tests, whereby recruiting medical facility managers evaluate and even judge medical applicants based on certain criteria. However, the interview process, especially at the high level, should be a more fluid discussion between the interviewer and interviewee.

It’s true that job interviews are a chance for medical doctors to evaluate potential employers. Still, it’s also a time for the candidate to ask important questions to ascertain that commitment to coworkers, the culture, and the community is in line with their professional values and career objectives.

In a nutshell, a job interview is a two-way path. If you proceed down the path of employment, it will be determined, to some extent, by the following variables that every physician should use as a benchmark in every interview: 

Good Interpersonal Communication

Communication is crucial in the hospital. It influences nearly everything in the hospital, from healthcare team efficiency to treatment efficacy to physician and patient satisfaction.

Be on your guard during the interview process and check whether the prospective employer has any perceived issues with interpersonal interactions. 

Staff that exhibit respect and care for each other, the patients’ loved ones, and their patients typically do well in the hospital setting. And when people communicate with one another in a supportive and amicable way, it shows that they are truly genuine in providing support.

If you’re uneasy and can sense staff members are uneasy while interacting with other staff members, it could show that the workplace culture is less than ideal.

Overall Organization

When it comes to the health sector, many things can’t be ignored, especially organization.

When you’re in an organized environment as a physician, you will be in a much better position to deliver the best possible medical care to your patients. Meetings start punctually. People in the meeting are on the same boat, have the same schedule, and grasp what the meeting entails. 

It’s not a good sign when an interview begins late (although there are instances where the delay can be justified). If the interview process feels thrown together, it could indicate that the participants are poorly prepared or uncomfortable with the situation.

Facilities with a high degree of success are well composed and operate as efficient machines. For this reason, you’ll want to be employed in a well-organized medical center.

Work Life Balance 

Medical personnel pledge an oath to preserve the welfare of their patients. But who ensures that doctors follow through? It would ideally be your boss. Sadly, work-life balance in the healthcare sector is a huge problem. As a result, medical practitioners are often overworked, postpone self-care, and frequently don’t get away from the hospital even when it’s their time “off.”  

Attaining a work-life balance has been stressed over the years. This has seen healthcare systems provide perks like sufficient vacation days and additional paid time off for CME. It has been acknowledged that physicians need time from work.

If you find yourself about to embark on the interview process, make sure to inquire if the institution offers some of these perks listed above and note how the interviewers respond. From there, you’ll get a sense of whether that’s the place you wish to work for.

Remember that job interviews in 2022 work both ways, so have your questions ready! 

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