Public Safety Officer Physician Specialist

We’re remaking the nation’s largest county-run correctional health system with a focus on social justice medicine, compassionate whole-person care, community partnership and professional growth. Every day, we put our vision and our values into practice as we strive to improve healthcare for uniquely underserved population. Incumbents in these positions are licensed physicians that have immediate charge of a small medical section within a larger medical unit of a medical facility or a small program of a medical facility.                                                                                                                          
Department of Health Services (DHS) Correctional Health Services (CHS) unit works with the Sheriff’s Department to oversee the provisions of coordinated medical, behavioral health and substance abuse services to inmates in the county jail system.

A designated individual who addresses patient safety issues, which can encompass and overlap with quality improvement and risk management, by reviewing data and implementing or revising current protocols to prevent future adverse events and ensure that medical care is delivered in the safest manner possible.

Responsibilities include:

  • Collaborating with staff (clinic leads, nursing, and access to care bureau) to create sustainable programs that utilize patient safety protocols, that can be shared but also tailored to the individual CHS sites.
    • Patient safety issues will be site-dependent and can vary broadly. They can often overlap with issues that other departments are working on, such as infection control and medication errors.

Essential Job Functions

  • Prescribes drugs and/or therapy; monitors patients’ progress, records observations and changes, and adjusts treatments as required.
  • Conducts training or assists in the training of interns and resident physicians.
  • Consults with staff physicians and para-medical personnel regarding care of patients and medical and diagnostic work performed.
  • Provides consultation to other medical services, including specialists in other fields.
  • Conducts the more difficult post mortem examinations and may provide training and lead man supervision over other physicians engaged in these activities.
  • Confers with medical and professional personnel in such related fields as toxicology in order to discover the main and contributing causes of death.
  • Certifies as to the cause of death and testifies in court as an expert witness.
  • Performs or assists in carrying out administrative responsibilities which may include such duties as budget preparation for the section, determining equipment and supply needs, carrying out personnel functions, or developing revising work procedures to expedite work load or improve level of service.
  • Assists in the planning and direction of health programs within the appropriate specialty.
  • Develops new techniques within the medical specialty.
  • Maintains varied hours on a rotated schedule with other physicians to ensure that there is always a physician on-call during non-business hours.
  • Conducts specialized research, special studies, and services, including preventive and educational strategies.


Completion of a Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, or Emergency Medicine residency program and a California Medical Physician and Surgeon’s Certificate is required.

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Job CategoryEmergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine

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Physician Specialist (Non-Megaflex)