Physician Specialist: Medical Director for HFH Clinical Support Program  

Housing for Health (HFH) is a DHS program that receives federal, state, and local funding to provide housing and health promotion services to the most medically vulnerable subset of LA County’s people experiencing homelessness (PEH).  Through contracts with hundreds of community-based agencies, HFH outreaches and engages with PEH, assists them with navigating the social service and housing systems, funds and operates interim housing and permanent supportive housing (PSH) programs (including enriched residential care (ERC) facilities caring for clients with cognitive or physical disabilities), and ensure their optimal utilization of health care (including primary care, mental health care and addiction services).  Over 50,000 PEH clients are touched and served in any given year.

Clinical staffing and services are expanding within HFH to address the health disparities faced by PEH.  New initiatives include the operation of 4 fully staffed mobile clinics to provide street medicine across the 8 SPAs, the roll-out of field-based complex care management teams to provide specialty primary care to vulnerable clients in interim and permanent housing units, the design and implementation of county-wide opiate overdose reduction programs to address the Fentanyl crisis among PEH, and the design and implementation of functional rehabilitation programs to maximize independent living and reduce the number of clients needing more expensive ERC placements.

The Medical Director for HFH’s Clinical Support Programs oversees the clinical operations within four key HFH program areas: 1) Interim Housing (IH) program- including Recuperative Care Center (RCCs); 2) Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) program; 3) Enhanced Residential Care (ERC) program; and 4) County-wide harm reduction/opiate overdose prevention program.

The Medical Director reports to the HFH Chief Medical Officer and works collaboratively with nursing, behavioral health, and occupational therapy managers to achieve enhanced health outcomes, improved health care utilization patterns, and reductions in excess morbidity and mortality experienced by PEH.

Principal Job Duties: 

  1. In collaboration with HFH program manager, supports the planning, development, and implementation of evidence-based and community-oriented HFH health promotion programs and oversees quality improvement activities to achieve key clinical performance metrics.  This work will be carried out by directly employed HFH staff as well as subcontracted care managers. Key initiatives include: 
    1. Programming to improve health care outcomes, increase meaningful engagement with outpatient providers, reduce dysfunctional SUD, and reduce avoidable emergency room/hospital use among clients enrolled in recuperative care centers
    2. Programming to build out field-based primary/urgent/transitional care for PEH in permanent supportive housing units via directly employed HFH staff
    3. Programming to potentiate the ability of subcontracted intensive case managers to conduct high quality and consistent health promotion and harm reduction activities among HFH clients placed in interim housing, PSH, and ERC units
    4. Programming to reduce the number of HFH clients needing long-term care facility placement through interventions led by nursing/occupational therapy/and home support personnel
    5. Programming to implement harm reduction and drug overdose prevention practices in interim housing, PSH, and ERC settings
  2. Identifies high-risk/high-need clients in PSH/ERC settings and conducts physician home visits with PSH direct service staff
  3. Performs quality assurance visits to IH and ERC facilities to ensure that high quality clinical care is being provided to HFH clients assigned to those beds
  4. Supports the recruitment and hiring of HFH clinical staff and supports the workforce in the design, execution, documentation, and evaluation of critical health promotion/harm reduction interventions
  5. Ensures that DHS HFH and contracted staff are appropriately resourced, trained and supported to provide harm reduction and health promotion services to PEH
    1. Designs and facilitates training for HFH and subcontracted staff on relevant clinical and complex care management topics
    2. Facilitates clinical case conference for HFH and subcontracted staff
    3. Facilitates monthly morbidity and mortality reviews for HFH and subcontracted staff
  6. Helps coordinate significant intra- and inter-agency initiatives that deliver clinical care and health promotion services to highly vulnerable PEH.  Includes coordination of services between DHS, Office of Diversion and Reentry, Correctional Health Services, Department of Mental Health, Department of Public Health, Department of Public Social Services, city of LA and other city jurisdictions, Los Angeles Homelessness Services Authority, community health centers and hospitals, and hundreds of homeless service agencies.
  7. Trains clinical staff and students and provides mentorship to students and fellows interested in the care of PEH
  8. Participates in collection and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data to determine impact and efficiency of clinical services being provided to HFH clients
  9. Leads quality improvement initiatives to enhance practice, manage risks, gain efficiencies, and maximize reimbursement
  10. Other duties, as assigned

Desired Qualifications

  • FP or General Internist with at least two years of experience as an ambulatory care provider: experience with home-based/field-based care provision preferred
  • Commitment to working with vulnerable and marginalized communities in non-traditional settings and with non-traditional team members
  • At least two years of experience as a physician leader with evidence for having designed, implemented, and evaluated initiatives to improve patient care and practice
  • Expertise in managing clients with severely persistent mental illness, substance use disorders, cognitive disorders, and physical disabilities preferred
  • Comfort with principles of complex care management and interdisciplinary teamwork to achieve the quadruple aim
  • Strong skills in teaching and mentorship
  • Proficient project manager with ability to direct and motivate team members to follow directives, achieve goals against timelines, and use data to inform continuous quality improvement activities
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills  

Special Considerations: 

Candidates who have experience working with addictions or mental illness, prescribing MAT and participating in harm reduction interventions should include a paragraph addressing such skills.


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Physician Specialist (Non-Megaflex)


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