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We’re remaking the nation’s largest county-run correctional health system with a focus on social justice medicine, compassionate whole-person care, community partnership and professional growth. Every day, we put our vision and our values into practice as we strive to improve healthcare for uniquely underserved population.

Job Description 

Reporting to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), providers function as integral member of the Correctional Health Services (CHS) treatment team. To be considered for this position, providers must be waivered to prescribe Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) through the DATA 2000 Waiver and have experience prescribing MAT in the past.  

 Essential Job Functions 

  • Provide direct patient care to individuals with substance use disorders (SUD). 

  • Work closely with CHS CMO, AMS Clinical Pharmacist, and other CHS and LASD team members to ensure seamless integration of medical services with whole-person care services while the patients are institutionalized and when transitioning into the community. 

  • Provide medical and administrative leadership to the CHS SUD treatment programs, including programs such as MAT, Substance Treatment and Re-entry Transition (START), In Custody to Community Referral Program (ICRP), alcohol and benzodiazepine withdrawal management (managed by CIWA protocol). 

  • Assist AMS Clinical Pharmacist with training providers, nurses and custody staff on issues related to the delivery of SUD services. 

  • Assist contract providers and agencies providing MAT services at CHS by consulting on LASD regulations. 

  • Assist in carrying out administrative responsibilities which may include budget preparation, developing work procedures to improve level of service, and determining drug supply needs. 

  • Perform or assist in drafting, reviewing, revising, and implementing SUD treatment standardized protocols and guidelines for evidence-based care. 

  • Ensure medical care and documentation are in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws, regulation, and accreditation standards. 

  • Comply with licensing and accreditation standards and other regulatory requirements. Interpret and support standards and requirements to others, and complete other assignments, as assigned. 


Completion of a residency approved by an American Specialty Board/Board certified or eligible in Addiction Medicine.

California State Physician and Surgeon’s Certificate authorized by the Board of Medical Examiners of the State of California:

5.5% for assignment in a Sheriff’s County Jail
5.5% for AMA Board Certification 

The Twin Towers Correctional Facility is located in Downtown, Los Angeles. It consists of two towers, a medical services building, and the LA County Medical Center Jail Ward. The facility opened in 1997.

Job Features

Job CategoryAddiction Medicine, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine

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Physician Specialist (Non-Megaflex)